Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spiritually Disheartened in Scotland ?

To Annabel Ewing @ Scottish Parliament

Dear Annabel,
as a Scottish musician I find wandering about in Dunfermline town centre quite traumatic because on the hour Dunfermline Abbey the alleged 'Spiritual heart of Scotland' chimes out excerpts from Blakes hymn Jerusalem - ... 'and was jerusalem builded here .. (in Englands green and pleasant land .. !!!')
Apparently the 12 bells are controlled by a keyboard ... so in the light of this I was wondering if pressure could be brought to bear to make the Spiritual heart of Scotland chime out something more appropriately Scottish - like e.g. Scots wha hae, (Parcel of Rogues), Scotland the brave.
As someone who is proud of their Scottish heritage I feel its time to stop the playing of this English nationalist/patriotic hymn at Dunfermline Abbey and choose a Scottish melody that befits the Scottish spirit.
I look forward to your reply

Andrew Hennessey

Andrew Hennessey Apparently Historic Scotland were unaware of the Englishness of the Abbeys chimes and are making some enquiries - forget all the masonic and queeny stuff that goes with it - if you're a visitor to Scotland. the last thing you would want to hear or expect to hear is the theme tune for another nation playing at the spiritual heart of the nation that you are currently visiting - there's something very wrong with that. 

Dear Annabelle,

I spoke to Susan Loch of Scottish Heritage who was unaware of the Abbeys involvement in Anglocentric politics  0131 348 5066 saying that visitors to Scotland would like to hear something Scottish - expecting to hear the bells not chiming out Jerusalem.
Below is a copy of my email enquiry to Dunfermline Abbey.

I think the Abbey should be above the political debate - its been chiming out Jerusalem for at least 10 years - time to stop the political misuse of those bells. imo

Andrew Hennessey

Dear Dunfermline Abbey,

I note that it is somewhere said that Dunfermline Abbey is the 'spiritual heart of Scotland'.

Unfortunately the chimes of Dunfermline Abbey are currently singing the praises of England with the English nationalist hymn by Blake called 'Jerusalem'  '.... and was Jerusalem builded here (in Dunfermline) in Englands green and pleasant land ..'

Surely we can both agree that any visitor coming to Scotland would be expecting to hear an appropriate Scottish tune from those chimes e.g. Scots wha hae', Scotland the Brave or even Loch Lomond or some famous Scottish lovesong ... and not be listening to intrusive songs that are at the heart of another nations identity ie. England.

I understand that there may be some political motivation from a Unionist perspective to adhere to political doctrines but surely an important Scottish Abbey has to be above basic politics.

People visiting Scotland want to hear Scottish cultural themes.

Why is Dunfermline Abbey is participating in Anglo-Scottish politics and not promoting themes of the Scottish spirit ?

Would you please consider chiming out something Scottish ?

I look forward to your reply,

kind regards,

Andrew Hennessey

cc Susan Loch Historic Scotland

     Annabelle Ewing  MSP

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Scottish Andrewverse


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