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JazzMetaz by Scottish Andrew

Jazz electric fiddle by Scottish Andrew on Routenote at

Andrew Hennessey, Caller & Fiddler

Andrew Hennessey is a contemporary Scottish fiddle player based in Fife, Scotland who comes from the traditions of the Scottish fiddle orchestra and folk bands. He has also toured with folk rock and function bands e.g. playing support to Status Quo in Holland.
His modern blues, rock and country styles have been utilised by various line-ups both onstage and in recording sessions.
His electric fiddle style can be heard to originate from the Donegal and Shetland folk traditions and his Jazz violin style has been compared to Don ‘SugarCane’ Harris by prominent Edinburgh Jazz percussionist Alan Pendreigh.
Andrew Hennessey, Scottish Andrew, is also a featured composer with Skyrocket records.
Andrew’s world music Jazzmetaz set has been played at Tobermory on the Isle of Mull in the Scottish western islands.

Andrew also calls and demonstrates over 20+ Scottish ceilidh dances with his own engaging style that is sure to involve the audience whether at beginner or more advanced level and has also called and demonstrated many ceilidh dances for International audiences. E.g. International weddings, corporate events or coach parties.

Andrew can be engaged either as a traditional or contemporary electric fiddle player to e.g. add :-

· a ceilidh/dance caller set into a contemporary function band line-up, or, · for deputy/session ceilidh or folk band work e.g. Arthur Wilson of Jacouse, or,

· as a lead blues/country/rock player either for onstage line-ups, · or, for studio work e.g. Edinburgh based John Bruce’s Jim Brown Blues Project.

· Or as a composer in the Scottish and Celtic tradition e.g. Skyrocket records · To DJ and call a ‘solo’ ceilidh set at an event with his own recorded music. · Or as a solo artiste with his world music ‘Jazzmetaz’ set.

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