Tuesday, July 10, 2012

musicians in the workhouse

We recently ditched a music agency that was trying to sell my band way too cheap. For some reason not based on economic reality there are several bands working for this guy that are not incorporating the usual costs associated with maintaining themselves as professional musicians into their asking price.
This is very charitable of them.
One of the clients for that agency contacted us directly hoping to get us to play at dirt cheap rates and when he heard my Very Reasonable quote he said he 'don't need this' and could get one of these gulag bands for a fraction of the price.
These bands are actually subsidising their agent and their clients - for out of their measly wages has to be deducted petrol costs, class one vehicle insurance, public liability insurance, PAT testing of all gear plus regular equipment maintenance and replacement as this fairly expensive kit tends to get knocked and broken, new cables, strings, performance clothing etc etc etc