Thursday, July 07, 2011

On the road to the Isles Eilean Donan castle

Artists Bio of Scottish Andrew



Artist Bio

A Scottish folk dance musician [ceilidh dancing] and dance caller, also a contemporary electric violin player playing accompaniment in Blues, R&B, Rock and Trance. Will call the Scottish dances.
Can play session work and improvise in almost any contemporary idiom.

e.g. recent session work - country fiddle - on the Jimmy Brown Blues tribute album with Nobby Clarke and John Bruce, june 2011
The story of my musical journey is a bit like a colourful tartan
Started Scottish Fiddle orchestras 1969, Edinburgh Highland Reels and Strathspey Society, then Folk bands 1979, e.g. Saltire, Unicorn, Hopscotch ceilidh band, Peat Water Still, then Produced and wrote theatre shows, 1984, 86, 87, 89, 90  with the Solan Company, then folk, blues and covers 1996 with the Wild Geese and Cauther Fair, folk rock 1999 with The Fife, recorded with folk band Jacouse and from 2000, trance with Shamalan and Scottish ceilidh with North Star Ceilidh band and then the Wild Geese.

In 2011 the new concert series called Scottish Soundscapes takes the vibrant sound of all life in Scotland as its natural and urban acoustic canvas upon which Scottish Andrew improvises with six string electric fiddle, whistle and bodran..

Scottish portraits

Scottish Soundscapes - the Concert with Andrew Hennessey

Scottish Andrew, the acoustic artist improvises with 6 string electric fiddle, whistle and bodhran on the vibrant canvas of the sounds of  all life in Scotland - creating mysterious ScottishSoundscapes with an added dimension

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

My New Website - Scottish by

This is to announce the launch of my new digital design business that promotes two new artforms in the Scottish colourist and modernist tradition called Startan and Swash, and also my new concert project called Scottishsoundscapes.